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Vow Me Faeries Download Game Final Walkthrough + Inc Patch Latest Version – You play as Gustav a mage who doesn’t know his origins..

Developer: TeamAlters Patreon 
Censored: No
Version: 0.50
OS: Windows, Linux, Mac, Android
Language: English
Genre: Adult, 2dcg, ahegao, animated, big ass, big tits, fantasy, humor, male protagonist, mobile game, monster, monster girl, parody, transformation, vaginal sex

Description Game

You play as Gustav (name can be changed) a mage who doesn’t know his origins but who has been well-trained by a super-strong mage, Mavis, alongside his “half-sister” Lucy. Gustav lives a peaceful life and never questions himself about things around him until strange events start to occur, such can only be nailed with seriousness and a lot of responsibility, both of which Gustav is experiencing right now!
But it’s not all about mystery… love and comedy are also at stake, as a huge variety of characters to interact with (being added little by little) and of course, the H element that we all like.

Just taking notes: We want to do something similar to what Hiro Mashima did with Rave, Fairy Tail, and Edens Zero to reuse characters in a new story. The characters’ history has been modified but we intend to keep their main qualities such as appearance, fighting style, and much of their personality.

Screenshots and Gameplay

Download Vow Me Faeries
Download Vow Me Faeries
Download Vow Me Faeries

Xmas event >>>
Fixing version to > 0.50

A total of 12 new images added
Continuation of story mode!
Hentai Scene; Erza
A total of 5,700 ~ 6,000 words!


+1 Wendy event / Clothing, Chelia
+1 Story mode
+ 2 new characters
Even though there are only two events, it counts with a total of +6 new images,
and 4000+ words, so there is a lot of story to uncover.


  • 24 new images​
  • 1 new gif! (s3x scene)​
  • 4 new sprites​
  • 1 new character​
  • 2 new events​
  • 14 new backgrounds, some to replace existing backgrounds that were poorly made/quality!​
  • 3 new soundtracks!​
  • Adjustments made to Mirajane’s Sprite, it was smaller in proportion than the other.​
  • Adjustments made to game switches to fix and prevent future bugs!​
  • Adjustments made to choices; All choices that give status now display what kind of status they increment on characters!​

+ 7 new images
+ 2 H scenes
+ 2 Events
+ 2.000+ words

A total of 1.900+ words!
+1 new images added!
+ Erza new art rework (7 variants)
+1 animation with a toal of 10 frames!
+1 new backgrounds!

A total of 3.200+ words!
+8 new images with 17 variants added!
+2 new backgrounds!
+1 Mini H-Scene (Dimaria)
Sandbox return (For now it only has 1 option… we are working on it to improve!)

Hello everyone,
We’ve made some significant changes to the game’s history, but nothing too concerning. These changes will make sense for the future of the game as it returns to Earth. We’ve also fixed numerous grammatical errors, and the characters will now address the player by the name they have selected, rather than “MC” (That WAS a BUG).
We’ve made adjustments to several sprites and backgrounds, and added music throughout the events from version 0.9 to version 0.11. We value your feedback, and we will be opening a poll to gather your thoughts on it!
This latest version includes 5 new images, 2 BGs, 2 action images, and a new character named SELENE. We focused on fixing various issues in this version, and it took us a week to do so. We were also able to solve the bug that was preventing us from adding music and effects to the images. (All hails to our benefactor Atticus!)
(Back into 0.9 we have added almost 6 new bg & 4 new images, also 6 new soundtracks)

Bugfix fixed (03/31) 0.11.b:
Lucy duplicated sprite solved, “MC” bugging textbox sometimes, Removed Inventory since it was outdated and bugged.
Removed some nonsensical dialogues and added new ones. (They won’t change many things, no need to re-play the whole game!)
Corruption / Love system is now working properly though they won’t be carried to the new continent! (Any choices as dom/sub will be carried, mainly for JUVIA and KAGURA, be aware!)

Now mining will give you 5 pieces per act, it makes a lot more easier for the player to complete the task, also, now you have 4/5 rate of triggering Woodman event (for its first time event).
Player no longer need to navigate from Irene to main map, to forest, to mavis house, now you can simple jump to mavis house.


+ Erza event (H-Scene)

+ Irene event (H-Scene, following Erza’s event)

+ Story event (Heavy text based + Images)

Total of 7 new images + 3 variant images


  • 1 event was released before for patrons only (Lucy),
  • A new history event,
  • A new event featuring Erza,
  • A new event featuring Kagura.

In total, 11 images were draw in this update with 16 variations.

  • Log 0.7:
  • +Story progression
  • +7 new images with a total of 68 variants
  • +2 new H-scenes (one of them are code protected, you can unlock it HERE)
  • Wardrobe unlocked for Lucy
  • Two new characters; Zera, Flare, added!
  • 4 bugs fixed!
  • Return buttom Fix

log 0.6:
In this update, we had 13 new images, with 72 variations. We fixed bugs and fixed almost all characters, there are still some like Levy to fix, but we will do that in the future. Despite not having new story content, there are many new images, we recommend you play.

Log 0.4.5

Irene sex scene 3 new images!
Erza’s new event (After Irene scene)
We gave wendy 2 body choices, whoever liked her without breasts could have it, and whoever wanted her with breasts would have it too
Sex scene with Irene, 3 new images for Irene!
Wendy’s scene, with transformation containing 2 images + 1 sprite of her with nude body variation (+1 image) and 9 different reactions!
Minerva scene forcing Lucy to lick her, a total of 1 image with 1 variation!
MC swearing that will make Minerva suffer +1 image!
Both these events are due to the story progression that is possible by accessing Porlyrusica’s house!

Log 0.4.0a:

There were simply 8 new renders for this version, 5 of them are of places (BG), 2 are Juvia (with 16 variants) and Kagura (with 16 variants as well), and a scene with Kagura in the bunny outfit (Bar Working story progress Ev) also Irene’s scene (Animated) in this version has 3 unique renders, in which 3 variants were made FOR EACH (redrawn, no photoshop), having a total of 9 layers! It’s a huge hassle, but our artist managed to deliver within the 7 days proposed, hope you guys like it.

Story progress was made, and the game will state sandbox back as gameplay-wise.

Log 0.3.5:

This update again brought some fixes to the sprites of the characters. This time it’s definitive, I’m rather pleased with the result right now, so I’ll keep them that way.
The continuation of Lucy’s event has been added, of course, I will gradually release the story progress. The “sandbox” element of the game is a little stuck, but there’s not much to do since I can’t draw the whole story in a single update :/ Hope you understand.
We have two new events for Erza, and one more for Irene. In this update the focus was on normal renders, I’m also practicing the scenario a bit and replacing the current ones (which were from google) for drawn ones. I haven’t been able to replace everything yet, but I plan on making and refining the ones I’ve already made.

How To Install Game Vow Me Faeries

  1. Extract
  2. Play the game

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