Rising Bliss [v1.0.0] [Completed]


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Rising Bliss Download Game Final Walkthrough + Inc Patch Latest Version – follows a young man in his final year at Kaori Academy as disturbing events begin to unravel.

Developer: Studio Mystic Patreon
Censored: No
Version: 1.0.0
OS: Windows, Linux, Mac, Android
Language: English
Genre: Adult, 3dcg, ahegao, animated, bdsm, female domination, group sex, horror, kinetic novel, male protagonist, masturbation, mobile game, ntr, oral sex, spanking, urination, vaginal sex

Description Game

The story of Rising Bliss takes place in modern-day Japan and follows a young man in his final year at Kaori Academy as disturbing events begin to unravel. The Japanese government, faced with declining birth rates, are completely unable to support important social programs for the elderly, pay for their military budget, or provide critical infrastructure funding due to this ongoing crisis.

In response, Prime Minister Tachi develops a powerful aphrodisiac and begins releasing it into the water supply. Overcome with lust, the general population begins to lower their barriers to sex and quickly loosen their morals. As the citizens are distracted with mindless mating, the Minister moves to consolidate his power with the ultimate goal of ruling a sex empire for life. However, things don’t go to plan when infected begin overrunning the metropolitan capital of Tokyo.

It turns out the tainted water supply was the perfect breeding ground for a new disease to form… The BLISS VIRUS! Lust zombies are everywhere and the MC must do everything in his power to escape the city with his classmates.

Screenshots and Gameplay

Download Rising BlissDownload Rising Bliss
Download Rising BlissDownload Rising Bliss
Download Rising BlissDownload Rising Bliss

The game is now complete!

Mr. Mori conducts a swim lesson, bikinis fly off during a race, and wild things happen when Stella looses a high risk bet.

The protagonist confronts Ms. Sato at the request of Yuki. After some back and forth, the school nurse spills the truth about the origin of Formula Bliss and makes a move he won’t soon forget.

Yuki makes the protagonist an offer he can’t resist and Saki becomes pregnant thanks to a threesome.

Mei convinces Ichiro and the MC to scout out the bathroom during lunch. The protagonist gets his freaky on with Miki, Ichiro gets sloppy seconds, and Yuto manages to lose his virginity to Ema.

The earliest parts of Chapter 4 have been added to the game. Mei gives in and drinks tap water, Saki becomes Yuki’s sex-pet, and Mrs. Nishimura attempts to explain the female orgasm through a bondage display.

Chapter 3 has been added to the game.

Chapter 2 has been added to the game.

Initial Release of Chapter 1.

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