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Undercover Love Download Game Final Walkthrough + Inc Patch Latest Version – You spent these years doing many things, one being an apprentice to a private investigator.

Developer: Crimson Axis Studio Patreon
Censored: No
OS: Windows, Linux, Mac
Language: English
Genre: Adult, 3DCG, Male protagonist, Animated, Big tits, Big ass, Masturbation, Twins, Paranormal, Oral sex, Titfuck, Voyeurism, POV, MILF, Lesbian, Harem, Group sex

Description Game

You have traveled abroad for several years after school. You spend these years doing many things, one becomes an internship for private investigators. You decide that you want to open your own business, so you decide to go home, just to know that your parents will not let you go back, so you decide to call some old family friends and finally move with them in a new city. You will find that people around you, and the world in general, are not what you think. The magic world set in a more modern atmosphere, many mysteries to find and reveal, and people to meet.

Screenshots and Gameplay

Download Undercover Love
Download Undercover Love
Download Undercover Love
Episode 4B – Animation and Sound

New scene / old animated old scene.

Music / sound added to Sasha pool scene. I will finish the rest when I add the Sasha date scene.

Please note: volume test at 50{c78b29c0ec229716100c1f6de94034b0119310ec61e958a8c7197db32bb9da72}. Still accustomed to audio, so some things might be too hard or too soft. Please tell me if there is a sound / music coming too strong or you can hardly hear it with 50{c78b29c0ec229716100c1f6de94034b0119310ec61e958a8c7197db32bb9da72}.

Please give feedback about the music or sound used. Can send me emails, msg here, comment, patreon msg, etc.


15 new videos during the Sasha pool after the portal scene and the Claudia shower scene. Both scenes must have full animation now where it is intended.

Add some missing or bad renders

Add music / sound effects to the Sasha pool scene.

Add a lot of dialogue during animation, and rework or repeat several other scenes. Maybe 200-250 lines of dialogue. Animation must play when you undergo dialogue in many cases now.

Damage repair:

Fix lil variable bug

Fix some poke through / cliping in several renders

Fix the problem of focus or black eyes during the night party scene

Fix rendering during Jeniwalk in front of Coffeeshop

Added or stored several images during low quality evening parties

Fix some quality problems that rendered during coffeeshop

Still missing “white” rendering

Fix some spelling errors and grammar problems

Episode 4.A Hotfix

Changed compression method. The game must be around 600MB vs. 2 shows. Quality remains relatively the same. Give feedback if you see a real difference between old versions and new new repair versions if you have both.

Damage repair:
The menu bug is overcome
Fix 5 blurred images while visiting Coffee Shop
Fix some black line problems while walking
Fix lost images
Claudia found her nipples at night when MC arrested her watching porn. There are several lost assets on rendering. Must be fixed now.

There are still some black line problems in some rendering + eye moisture problems (the eye will have a strange black color) that I noticed when checking this hotfix. Will discuss the hotfix of the future.

For those who do compression / port android: You might want to wait a week or more before you do your work again. I have to have a hotfix, hopefully, at the end of the week that discussed some of the problems I noticed during the first match. Just trying to give you a head. Thank you for the work you do for the community.

Episode 4

Jeni renewal!
Switch to episodes instead of version number. This is now episode 4.

Content starts before the night party scene. You will hear someone cry, and go to investigate. If you want to see new, persistent content and then choose to skip the party and hang out with Jeni.

Then, you will be given the option to go on a date, and there are some interested people. The current date content involves Claudia and the others with Jeni. Sasha’s date will be added later. It is recommended to save your game here to see the date scene.

This brings the latest project, chronologically. In the future, I will try to issue content in a way that negates or at least reduces the need to repeat old content, to see future branches. This is a test, and I will see how well it is accepted.

Save may be damaged.

The next update is music / sound and video. I will add a third date, Sasha, during this update too, but I will spend the next few weeks of video rendering and filling the scene I want to have a video. If there is a drawing series, you can expect video clips to be there in the future.

Around 1900 lines of text / code
500+ Renders.
Some clips.

Current known problems:

One render lost between the scene of Jeni Shop and Beach Jeni’s scene
One rendering during the Jeni Walk scene that lighting somehow disappeared
Some of the quality problems that I notice in longer content, which I will handle in patches in the future.

How To Install Game Undercover Love

  1. Extract
  2. Play the game

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