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The Solarion Project Download Game Final Walkthrough + Inc Patch Latest Version – Explore the galaxy with your all female crew to support you!

Developer: Nergal – Patreon
Censored: No
OS: Windows
Language: English
Genre: 2DCG, Animated, Male protagonist, Sci-f, Big ass, Big tits, Titfuck, Adventure, Monster girl, Point & click, PoV, Romance, Cheating

Description Game

Explore the Galaxy with all your female crews to support you! After recently inherit the ship from your alienated father, you leave on the way to find a new world with a new family. But the past you started chasing you and you started finding out things about your father than you and even the crew he spent for years, never knew. Every member of the crew has their own personality and rear story in depth and rich.

Choose your favorite to form intimate relationships with, or maybe … a lot. There are many choices to make and not all lead to happy results, but it’s up to you, players. Control your own destiny when you start finding, what is the Solarion project?

Screenshots and Gameplay

Download The Solarion Project
Download The Solarion Project
Download The Solarion Project
v0.15 Public

Main Changes:

– Catherine’s Level 2 Progression added!

– Lillith moans / pants / sound effects added courtesy of @EndymionVA!

– Re-jigged the intro a tiny amount (Malaena intro image && some of the dialogue – more to come in the future!)

– Restructured the event flow at the start. The player now has to complete the Shuma mission before new missions from the crew become available

Optimisations and bug fixes:

– Added an initial loading sequence

– Added a loading screen that appears if loading a scene takes more than 1 second

– Changed compression settings on audio files

– Updated the dialogue UI

– Fixed an issue where potentially Kittenna’s progression would become bugged and stuck after having a drink with her at the bar (second time)

– Fixed an issue where Kittenna would sometimes repeat the last dialogue spoken when talking to her in the armoury

– Fixed an issue on the galaxy map where labels weren’t appearing correctly if playing outside of 1920×1080 resolution

– The hide dialogue command is now back (and toggled on the H key)

v0.14 Public

Main Changes:

– Shuma Level 2 Progression Added!

– Ilyana Side Quest Added! (Can you find the easter egg scene??)

– Malaena TF is now animated!

– Shelly BJ is now animated! (added in public build)

– Work on re-work project has begun – nothing major to report on that (read Patreon post for better explanation)

Bug Fixes:

– The game will no longer bug with an end relationship option for Malaena if you romance Catherine first

– Corrected Malaena’s Quest triggers (so icons appear at the correct time)

– Fixed the phone image / background bug – images should now be selectable again for phone backgrounds

– Fixed an issue where if you saved on Aquinas and reloaded, NPCs would appear despite them not suppossed to

– Fixed a slight UI issue where planet description was difficult to read when close proximity to a sun

How To Install Game The Solarion Project

  1. Extract
  2. Play the game

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