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Mystwood Manor Download Game Final Walkthrough + Inc Patch Latest Version – you play as a young adult who finds himself in charge of a very old and mysterious hotel…

Developer: Faerin Patreon – Discord
Other Games: Man of the House
Censored: No
OS: Windows
Language: English, German, French, Russian, Portuguese, Chinese, Spanish
Genre: Adult, 3DCG, Male Protagonist, MILF, Mystery, Incest, Romance, Management

Description Game

In Mystwood Manor you play as a young adult who finds himself in charge of a very old and mysterious hotel, due to some “unexpected” events.
You will hire, train and manage your staff, build new facilities and upgrade your hotel to meet your customers’ demands. Each girl on your staff will have her own unique personality and backstory.

As you progress each of their storylines you will find out more about them and get to know them inside and out…

Will you be able to unravel the mysteries of Mystwood, while running and growing your hotel business? Get ready for a new adventure, filled with dark secrets, shocking plot twists and most of all, lots and lots of hot, steamy sex!​

Screenshots and Gameplay


· Added all tier 1 events and reward outfits for Anikka.
· Added all tier 2 events and reward outfits for Anikka.
· Added the last tier 2 event and reward outfits for Kay.
· Added the first tier 3 event for Kay.
· Added a new dialog for lady Emily.
· Added the first part of a new dialog for Richard.


· Implemented a new videoplayer, this should fix any video issues on both Windows 7 and Windows 10.
· Increased (corrected) the level requirements for claiming tier rewards.
· The activity screen now shows an icon of the current room of staff members and guests.
· Updated the inventory screen to show all available items and cards currently in the game as well as which character is using them.
· Isabella know let’s you know when you have completed a tier.
· Added a skip button to the results screen to fast forward through.

· Fixed a bug sometimes causing freezes when an event occurred.
· Fixed a bug with the dialog ID’s for Julia, causing some work scenes not to show up when they should.
· The settings.ini file is now created automatically if it does not exist.
· Fixed the Spanish translation.
· Fixed a bug causing Isabella to not show you any new cards, even when you didn’t have all of them yet.
· Fixed the ordering for the prev/next buttons for gallery images.
· Fixed a bug causing the cook card to not give any bonus.
· Fixed a bug causing a freeze/crash when a security event triggered in a closed down room.

Hey guys, I have focused on adding new content this month, for both Riley and Laura, as well as the main storyline and the history of Mystwood. Aside from that there are some QoL changes and bugfixes. I expect to be able to start adding more sex scenes (these will mostly take place at level 5) in either the next update or the one after that, but I’ll put up a poll for new content this weekend. Note: Existing saves can be copied over by moving the profiles folder from the previous version to this one. All the best, Faerin
• Added 2 new events for Riley.
• Added 3 new events for Laura.
• Added 2 new main storyline events.
• Added a new event for Orville.
• Added the missing images for Orville’s first event.
• Added a new event to the Manor.
• Added the first part of a new event to the Forest Queen.
• Added (replayable) progression events and hints for the main story on the mc’s profile.
• Added an option to disable video playback in the settings (for lower end systems).
• Added an option to the staff profile to change how a girl addresses you.
• Switched the bar and restaurant renovation cost.
• Items can now only be found after the corresponding room has been renovated.
• Added a “hire all” button to the wages screen.
• Fixed a bug causing wages to be 0.
• Fixed a bug causing the staff level to not update.
• Fixed the missing images for the walkie-talkie and rescue buoy.
• Fixed a bug allowing you to add multiple copies of items using the cheat console.
• Fixed a crash when a guest got robbed when staying in their room.
• Fixed a bug causing the next available event to show as locked.
• Fixed a bug causing Isabella not to give any cards anymore.
• Fixed a bug causing text not to show up on ultra-wide resolutions.
• Fixed a bug in the time played calculation.
• Fixed a bug causing construction cost reductions not to be applied to renovation restrictions

•This version repairs the bug when you renovate Healthcare and try to put Laura in there the game freezes

How To Install Game Mystwood Manor

1. Extract and run.

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