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LonaRPG Download Game Final Walkthrough + Inc Patch Latest Version – Cold… Grim… Unforgiving… Deadly… This is the world of LonaRPG.

Developer: EccmA417 – Subscribestar
Censored: Yes
OS: Windows
Language: English, Chinese
Genre: 2DCG, 2D game, Female protagonist, Fantasy, RPG, Adventure, Sandbox, Animated, Virgin, Oral sex, Vaginal sex, Anal sex, Rape, Bestiality, Monsters, Pregnancy, Urination, Scat, Combat, Graphic violence, Ryona

Description Game

Cold … bleak … Not mercy … turn off … this is the world of Lonarpg.
Play the story of a young woman named Lona, who must survive in this world of Gothic and cruel.
Explore the world of Grimdark, rotate and open where one small mistake can cost Lona’s life …
Can you help Lona survive? (And protect the smile?)

Screenshots and Gameplay



  • * Stay, Abanhouse3 errors and searches are stuck with an unspecified method error.
  • * Stay, Nohousecommon: long error when failing to steal.
  • * Stay, the trigger block is removed if NPC is a follower.
  • * Fixed, FishppPL meeting: 100{c78b29c0ec229716100c1f6de94034b0119310ec61e958a8c7197db32bb9da72} leave opportunity if Lona is weak <50 and not a slave.
  • * Stay, BanditCamp1 & 2: NPC Invited should not trigger a warning. (Yes, the bug)
  • * Stay, strange bug: blowjob will cause groin wounds and vag hemorrhage? (Old bug)
  • * Stay, if the hole is destroyed. The hole should never accept bleeding and injured from a shared sex event.
  • * Fixed, FishkindSpearf: Remove “NPCMarkMoralityDown” from the list of skills.
  • * Added, new monsters: abomcreatiturezombiereegpin, abomcreatiturezomberegst. (Test)
  • * Added, new region map: r17_roadsyb1, r17_roadsyb2.
  • * Added, new region map: R18_TownSyb1.
  • * Added, fishtowninn: Add a new loop search.
  • * Added, unique map search: Fishbeach X113 Y127.



  • * Stay, Abanhouse3 errors and searches are stuck with an unspecified method error.


  • * Fixed, NoercataCombB1 (Coconadungeon): Search triggers from reading letters to select letters.
  • * Fixed, Noerprison: the door spawn door strange after capturing the event.
  • * Stay, beach in Isle Fish (RG27): lost def.
  • * Stay, if Lisa or Elise in a group, it will still call even they are dead.


  • * Stay, beach without triggers come out.


  • * Add, side BC2_SESQUE Quest unique map. On X122 Y74.
  • * Fixed, the trigger of the banditcamp2 world map: Fail, can’t trigger because it is tapped.
  • * Fixed, events / player screen_y misalignment after Jump + moved. (Test)
  • * Added, new region map: Shore and 2 sub maps (tests)
  • * Added, New Furit: Banana, Setup Basic Furit with a better damamge trap.
  • * Added, new Medcine: Arecanut, low tier sta herb + wine without side effects.
  • * Added, Hairdye: Check the haircutter in Noermarket. (It doesn’t work on savings that are outdated)
  • * Stay, Apple Tree is now moving to PineFroestmountain, and Rainfroest adds a banana tree.
  • * fix, remove the Nile bug delete on the noercervern daily work.


How To Install Game LonaRPG

  1. Extract
  2. Play the game

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