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Life of Desmond Download Game Final Walkthrough + Inc Patch Latest Version – I have just turned 21 years old and i find myself on the train today…

Developer: Badvador – Patreon
Censored: No
OS: Windows
Language: English
Genre: Adult, Incest (Aunt & Cousins), Big Tits, Big Ass, MILF, Oral Sex, High School, Teasing, Handjob, Vaginal Sex, Tittyfuck, Spanking, Rape

Description Game

My name is Desmond. I have just turned 21 years old and i find myself on the train today, Its because my parents have aggred to met me go study to the big city, After three months of difficult negotiations

Screenshots and Gameplay

Download Life of Desmond
Download Life of Desmond
Download Life of Desmond

– Day 8

– No more clank!

– Now, you can study with partner and AFTER go to the Private Club or just chill and go to sleep.

– The first “Personal Bonus Scene” for High Tiers (Patreon Only)…

– I’m sorry for the english, my proof reader are focus on his studies… I need to found someone else.

– Miss Esperanza bug fixed

– Ginny missing scene fixed

– Minor bugs fixed

– Joshua bug fixed

– Infinite quest for rhum bottles fixed

– better way for move in the house (I hope it’s better)

For the error “infinite loop”, I can do nothing, it’s a renpy alert, you can just ignore it, they are no problems. It’s just annoying when you want rollback.

– Sorry for the lot of bugs but this update was hard to made…


Day 7

Bugs Fixed

– day 1 and 2 with new translate !
– You will be able to name the saves.
– A lot of “Desmond/name character” fix.
– If you find Jason having fun by himself in his room, you can leave instead of enjoying the show.
– You will be able to kiss Ally/Jason after having come in her mouth (at your own risk).
– If you found the hidden scene, you’ll have an extra choice with Ally/Jason even if you didn’t “study” with Ginny.
– The weight of the game will be much lighter.
– PC version

(Poetry Changelog)
The many way of the story make the work more longer, sorry. For example, the last big scene with many choices, many way and many triggers have more 200 pictures (and I’m not finished!)

– Day 5.
– Some bug s fixed.
Will you find the hidden scene?

New possibilities and changes :
– Rollback
– Name the main character
– Keep the save for the next update
– Better management if you choose “LGBT” yes or no.
– Some pictures are remake (not all the game, but I plan to redo some scenes in the future)

How To Install Game Life of Desmond

  1. Extract
  2. Play the game

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