Download Koikatsu Sunshine [Trial – BetterRepack R0.5]

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Koikatsu Sunshine Download Game Final Walkthrough + Inc Patch Latest Version – The main character lives alone near his aunt’s house, away from his parents who have moved abroad.

Developer: Illusion – Website
Censored: No
Version: 0.5 – Trial (ONLY THE CHARACTER MAKER)
: Windows
Language: English (MTL), Japanese
Voiced: Japanese
Genre: Adult, 3d game, 3dcg, Character creation, Japanese game, Animated, Dating sim, Voiced, Simulator

Description Game

The main character of life itself near his aunt’s house, far from his parents who had moved abroad.
He was transferred to school all the girls where his aunt was the principal.
Just as he settled in his interesting school life, his aunt gave him direction.
It is a plan to use summer study trips to get experienced female students used to love …….
(Only character maker for now)

Screenshots and Gameplay

Download Koikatsu Sunshine
Download Koikatsu Sunshine
Download Koikatsu Sunshine
BetterRepack R0.5

  • Applied compression on the base game file (reduce the size of the base game from 2.91GB to 735MB)
  • Experimental changes to launchers for Korean font support ingame (KK, EC, KKS)
  • Add a modpack sideloader – KKS trial
  • Add Korean translations (touch parts on characters)
  • Add a Russian translation (touching part on the character maker)
  • Add illusionfixes v15.3
  • Add DeathWeasel KKS_MaterialEditor V3.1.1
  • Add Marco’s KKS_OverLayMods v6.0.2
  • Add Marco’s KK_SliderHighlight V2.0.2
  • Add Marco’s Kksabmx v4.4.2
  • Updated Marco’s Kksapi to v1.20.1

BetterRepack R0.4

  • Menambahkan Deathweasel Kks_accessyclothes v1.0
  • Menambahkan kks_autosave deathweasel v1.1
  • Menambahkan KKS_CharacterExport Deathweasel v1.0
  • Menambahkan Deathweasel KKS_ClothingUnlocker v2.0.1
  • Menambahkan Deathweasel KKS_COLLIDERS V1.2
  • Menambahkan Deathweasel KKS_DynamicBoneeditor v1.0.3
  • Menambahkan Deathweasel KKS_Eyecontrol v1.0.1
  • Menambahkan Deathweasel KKS_HAIRACCESSORYCUSTOMizer v1.1.5
  • Menambahkan Deathweasel Kks_invisiblebody v1.4
  • Menambahkan Deathweasel KKS_ITEMBLACLIST v1.1
  • Menambahkan Deathweasel KKS_MAKEDALEGE V1.0.1
  • Menambahkan KKS_PROFILE v1.0.1 Deathweasel
  • Menambahkan KKS_PUSHUP Deathweasel v1.3
  • Menambahkan kks_reloadcharalistonchange v1.5.2
  • Menambahkan KKS_SUBTITLES Deathweasel v2.2
  • Menambahkan enimaroah sb3u v21.0.5 (**)
  • Menambahkan Th Hojmr’s KKS_PREGNancyPlus V3.11
  • Diperbarui Bapaplugins KE R16.3.1

BetterRepack R0.3

  • Add bepispugin R16.3
  • Add kks_introbegone v1.0
  • Add Kkapi v1.20 Marco
  • Updated Sabakan’s KKS_Fixalioneyemovement to V0.1.1

How To Install Game Koikatsu Sunshine

  1. Extract
  2. Play the game

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