Clash of Clans Short Review

This time there is tried and tested Free2Play construction food, seasoned with innovative ideas. (free)

As soon as the game starts, it’s time to get down to business: After you have been familiarized with the basics of the game in an entertaining tutorial, you can start building as you wish. First of all, it is important to ensure the supply of the two essential resources gold and elixir. This requires the construction of elixir collectors and gold mines, which can be completed in a few minutes.

Warehouses are also important for storing the raw materials you have collected. The central element of Clash of Clans is the training of troops and the defense of your own base. For this purpose, barracks are available in which you can train different types of units. At first, barbarians can be trained, later archers, giants, magicians or dragons can be trained. clash of clans hack 2020

It can take a couple of weeks for Clash of Clan to achieve such an imposing base.

Exciting attack mode …

While the time-consuming construction of the base is nothing new in itself, the innovative attack mode of Clash of Clans is something special: Battles are not only evaluated in boring tables, but are fought directly and actively in real life. At least if you go on the offensive yourself and attack the bases of other human players or complete story missions.

… and tactical defense

You also spend a lot of time protecting your own base from uninvited visitors. However, if you are attacked yourself, you cannot actively intervene. So it is important to take tactical precautions. The possibilities are varied: a wall here, a cannon there and, to top it off, a devastating magician tower. All buildings can be upgraded, making it increasingly difficult for intruders to break into your base and steal the hard-earned gold or elixir over time. Another important element is the clan aspect. Because only those who organize themselves in the Clash of Clans and get together in groups can survive in the long term. In these communities, which can hold up to 50 players, you can donate troops to each other, which can be used both in offensive mode and for automatic defense in the event of enemy attacks. As a further incentive, there are achievements that can only be earned through activities within a clan.

Clash of Clans combines the well-known base construction concept with tactical elements.

Man, that takes …

As is common with games of this type, it takes time to construct buildings and train troops. At first seconds, later minutes and after a while, a building upgrade can take hours or even days. The waiting times can only be bridged with jewels, which you get in small quantities by removing vegetation or by completing tasks. If you want more jewels, you have to put real money into your hand to buy 500 for 4.49 euros, 1,200 for 8.99 euros or 14,000 for a whopping 89.99 euros.


Clash of Clans is one of the best games of its kind and combines the well-known base building concept with tactical elements. Technically, the whole thing was implemented very cleanly, only the long waiting times are a bit excessive. On the other hand, it has to be mentioned positively that the player can have fun for a long time completely free of charge.

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